Part of growing and living on this planet is changing. A person may change or transform basically because of their experience in life, whether for better or worse.

Throughout one’s life, you change constantly. You are not the same individual you were when you were a child or a teenager, a few years ago, or even last week. Every experience we have leaves its mark. However, all transformation changes, but not all change is transformation. 

When you intentionally transform yourself and allow it to emanate from the core of your being, you open the door to a ‘journey of personal transformation.’ This transformation involves learning how to expand your mind into new paradigms of experience and directing it towards higher expressions of self-hood. You choose who you will be and orient your thoughts, emotions, ideations, and actions towards the embodiment of that sense of self.

What is personal transformation?

Transformation is, by definition, a thorough or dramatic change in form or character—a metamorphosis of sorts. Although people change all the time, they certainly do not transform all the time. The grand cycle of life and death offers each human the most extraordinary transformational experience possible, yet true transformation is a relatively rare occurrence within a person’s lifetime.

Think back for a moment across the span of your life and identify how often you can honestly say you ‘transformed,’ in that you went through a period of thorough or dramatic change in form or character—a metamorphosis on an external or internal level. You can count them on the one hand. These are instances of ‘human transformation. Sometimes your life experiences, such as tragedy, abuse, discrimination, etc., transform YOU not for the betterment of yourself but for the worse. The book entitled Can’t Hobble The Elephant by Francis Dutch narrates the story of Josh O’Donnell, how an amiable young man transformed into a violent, ruthless killer during the American civil war.

Factors as to Why People Transform

It is a choice. An intentional change is more likely to last if you seriously think it is to your advantage. For example, if you haven’t been a book reader most of your life and struggle with the words while communicating. This serves as a barrier to showcasing your highest potential at work. So, you give a book reading at least a try. And though you won’t enjoy it at first, you will continue it after seeing the results and getting admiration from peers. Choosing change for the better is the usual reason why people change.

It is evolutionary. Now, this is natural. You are evolving as you grow, and that is entirely natural. The 50-year-old version of you would be different from the 20-year-old you and vice versa. Life is a journey, and you learn so much along the way. You have bad and good experiences that leave a lasting impression on your mind. Mainly, a person’s growth will transform them along the way. It would be natural more often, and that’s when they would realize how innocent they were a few years back. 

There Is A Force. Force changes a person. You see, force is a stimulator for a change though not a lasting one, but it indeed is for the time being. This is why your mother threatened not to give you the cookies unless you finished your homework. Now, here comes the question: is it possible to change a person? Yes, it is possible only if they wish to. Only force won’t do its magic. The inspiring rewards of the change or the inner motivation to change compels people to change. 

There are Life-Changing Events. Call it eye-opening or life-changing moments, but these are the ones that shape your life and mind. You see, life has this mysterious way of unraveling itself upon people. You won’t have any idea in the world, but the point is, one life-changing event happens, and suddenly, your life flips by 180 degrees. It may not necessarily be a person permanently. Even a movie, a book, a quote, a video, or an inspirational story of someone can change people.

In Ending

Things change all the time, and most often than not, people fear them. Some people believe change is the worst thing that could happen, but that is not always the case. To move on with life, something must change. And although some changes are out of your control, others can be made entirely by yourself. Regardless, it allows you to enjoy life, experience life, and learn a lot.

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