War is fought against an opposing country to achieve an objective through force. War is a struggle of power where many casualties are at stake. War is a state of competition or hostility with extreme violence, aggression, or destruction with military forces. War achieves nothing, but only the desired territorial, military, economic, or benefits expected of a country.

War is a great disaster and pays a high price to compel an opponent to settle disputes. The number of casualties and deaths is enormous. War makes a significant deterioration of infrastructure and the ecosystem of a country. Many suffer mental and physical injuries, including posttraumatic stress disorder, depression, disease, injury, and death.

 What Are The Causes Of War?

War always begins with a motive. It may be a country’s wealth that leads to economic gain. A country desires to have precious materials like gold, silver, or livestock. Some want to have things like oil, minerals, and other materials their country greatly needs, like fundamental essentials like food and water.   

Territorial gain is when a country wants more land for agricultural use, a space for their developments, or other purposes. Sometimes, more land is needed for annexes of their country, a border between countries, or particular territories of use.

Religious conflicts are more on the beliefs or practices of the opponent countries. Reasons may be revenge for what happened before or history, or nationalism. Some religious wars are caused by different sectors like Catholic and Protestants or Sunni and Shitte, which can provoke or instigate war from one to the other. 

Nationalism is a framework attempting to show that your country is better than the other through violence. Sometimes when a country wants to prove that its country is superior to the other, they do it through invasion.

Some countries fight for honor. They believe that conquering another country makes them more eminent. Wars are fought for supremacy over another country. 

War is instigated because of revenge. Many revenge-waging war factors strike back, want to punish, or retribution. Some countries fight back to regain what they have lost and regain their pride to get what they have taken from them.  

There are endless wars of retaliation.

Civil wars are disputes within the country. Civil wars are internal miscommunications or disagreements within the country like a disagreement with the laws implemented, who will run the country or who would take charge in the country, scan through the pages of  Francis Dutch’s book about civil war, or who is a better ruler. Internal rifts can become toxic when one country finds allies with another country, and the other makes the wars more complicated. Another reason is some countries want to be independent. 

More bloodshed occurred in the revolutionary war because it involved revolts of a larger population. Revolutions have many reasons, like injustices committed by a particular group or the economic imbalance of certain sections caused by a group.  

Defensive wars are usually a defensive mechanism. A country defends its country from invasion or aggression. However, some countries use this reason to fight a war, but in reality, they have other motives in attacking another country.    

What Are The Effects Of War?

War is a catastrophe that affects people physically, emotionally, and psychologically. It has effects on adults and children. There will be an economic crisis. The infrastructures are destroyed, and chaos prevails.  

Wars are traumatic, which cause depression, anxiety, flashbacks, nightmares, anger, and posttraumatic stress in many people, not to mention the loss of lives. 

Is War necessary?

War is filled with terror; whichever side you are on leads to grief, pain, and despair. The root cause of war is greed and selfishness. Most wars are fought for security or material interests.

What holds in war periods of violent conflict may be followed by peace. But the source of a conflict doesn’t go away, and there is a big possibility that the conflict will break out again. Modern human technology has advanced, and warfare has become increasingly destructive to resolve conflicts. 

Some may think that war is necessary to defend your country against foreign invasion or fight a revolution against an unjust government. But is there no way to solve the conflict non-violently?

Lao Tzu quotes, “War does not take military as its strength to master the world.” If each country believes that countries coexist, then there would be peace in the world.     

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