What is Purple Heart?

Rob Cosman created purple Heart to help warriors who are physically and mentally injured from combat. Most of the time, these can be done by woodworking. The Woodworking workshops are the most prominent thing about purple hearts, making them very famous.

What is Rob Cosman’s Training Hand Workshop?

This coveted hand workshop training is said to be therapeutic and help soldiers during discharge, especially if they struggle with mental health concerns. This is a training workshop that holds only six workshops a year. The workshop typically lasts six days and is often held in Grand Bay, Canada.

Per workshop, there are 12 student positions available in the workshop. There are six other slots available for workshops that are for combat that are for the Wounded Warriors that will receive one of Rob’s Purple Heart Project scholarships, and six slots are reserved for paying students. The scholarship fully includes transportation, meals, tuition, lodging, and the tools they can take home with them. 

When soldiers are discharged and leave full-time service, most of them retire. However, some of them become injured or struggle mentally, causing them to get discharged early. Veterans each share their own story like those of Francis J. Dutch in his books, and many end up getting scared. This training workshop is a type of therapy that helps many soldiers cope with many soldiers’ struggles in combat – both physical and mental.

Through this program, veterans can build furniture and customize them. They use their tools, and everything is handmade.

How to Apply:

Before applying, make sure that you are open to attending the program in person in Grand Bay, New Brunswick, Canada. This program is only offered there, so you may want to reconsider joining it if you are not open to traveling to another place.

Anyone who has been physically or mentally wounded and part of Wounded Warriors can apply to the Purple Heart Project Scholarship. They can fill out an application form. Once this is complete and sent, you will receive an email in 72 hours if the application was accepted or not. However, if you do not get a response by chance, you may email [email protected], the program manager.

Other Ways to Help Veterans:

1. Help Homeless Vets

Though the government makes efforts to help veterans avoid losing their homes, there are still several veterans who end up becoming homeless. Helping them find good homeless centers and sending donations and supplies to homeless shelters often helps them.

2. Veterans Multi-Services Center

The biggest hub for veterans is the VMSC since it helps veterans have benefits, housing, jobs, and meals. This is also one of the first few places veterans seek help, so donating to them and sending resources to the VMSC will be a great way to help veterans.

3. Know where to shop

Some thrift stores collect and distribute donations that can help veterans. Moreover, some of them donate some of their savings to help the veterans. Because of this, knowing where you shop for your everyday items, clothes, or furniture will help you find a way to help veterans.

Sometimes, some stores also double as places where you can shop and donate goods. Stores like the VMC Thrift Store, previously known as Rhino Camouflage Thrift, doubles as a shop and donation center.

4. Hire Vets

If you’re somewhere above the chain and you are in charge of hiring at your own local company, hiring vets would help them a lot. Unemployment of vets after being discharged is always a big issue because of the gaps left behind in their resumes. Because they could not work in a specific field for a long time, the gaps often make it more challenging to get jobs.

5. Vote Wisely

It is crucial to make sure that the candidate you vote for puts veterans as a part of their platform or has a plan for veterans. Most of the time, candidates and people placed in the office can make a big difference in creating laws and funding for veterans. 

Most of the time, it does not necessarily mean that the veterans should be at the center of your candidate’s platform, but at the very least include them, or not reduce the funding they have for veterans.

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