Can’t Hobble
The Elephant

Francis J. Dutch
Can’t Hobble the Elephant is about Josh O’Donnell’s story during the Civil War, where he is on the run from the Union army, the very army in which he served so loyally. The young man finds work on a West Texas ranch, where his fellow riders wonder where a boyish-faced youth from Philadelphia learned to ride and shoot so well—and how such an amiable young man can transform into a violent, ruthless killer.

Customer Review

“I enjoyed it. Recommended to me by a Civil War fan. My father, who reads a lot of westerns, also loved it. The tale was woven nicely, and the descriptions were creative.”

Lulu’s Human Parents

About the Author

Francis Dutch was raised in Philadelphia. During the Korean War, he served in Germany in army intelligence. He completed a series of progressive night school instruction, ending with an MBA. Dutch is now retired from a major manufacturing company, where he was a manager of corporate planning.

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